Q- How long will my chocolates last?

A- Typically they should be consumed within three weeks of purchase. If it is a solid bar, toffee, espresso beans or coated nuts those can last a few weeks longer. Any individual truffle or bon-bon should be consumed within three weeks of purchase, as we do not use preservatives.

Q-Do you have vegan chocolates?

A- Yes, they will be noted with a “V” in the descriptions.

Q- Do you make the chocolate on premises?

A- Yes. We make all the individual chocolates and bars and toffees all by hand in our shop. Occasionally we also make artisan marshmallows and European nougat. The whole teams helps with the chocolate making in some way shape or form.

Q- How many of your ingredients are locally grown or produced?

A- As many as we an find, all the time. We are passionate about this.

Q- Where does your chocolate come from?

A- From South America

Q- Do you ship?

A- Yes, we do. We have shipped our provisions all over the world.