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Welcome to Lune Chocolat

Eight years ago when we opened our doors we have had a clear vision of what we wanted to create at Lune Chocolat. We wanted to create the world’s best chocolate using fresh and local ingredients and we wanted to create something that would be recognized across the world for quality. We have loved every second of being in business. Shortly after Christmas we realized that we were not the people to get our company to the next level. After speaking to a former employee who is brimming with creativity and enthusiasm we have decided to sell Lune Chocolat to her. She will be taking ownership of the company in the weeks to come. Lune Chocolat will be relocating to her hometown of Cortland. This was not an easy decision for us. In the end we wanted what is best for the business we created. We would like to recognize and thank all the employees we have had over the years. It was a true pleasure to get to know them, love them, and have a second family with them. We would like to thank all who have supported Lune Chocolat over the last 8 years. We have really enjoyed getting to know each and every person who has walked thru the doors and consider ourselves fortunate that we have made so many friends.

We will not be open for business anymore at the current location in Manlius.

Thank you all for your patience through this transition.

Stay tuned for news from the new owner.


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